Friday, August 7, 2009

Project Ass (& Balls)-(2005-2007) & Traks (2008)

First tape release from Project Ass. Side A is On the Wings of a Craw Daddy (2006) and Side B s/t Project Ass (2005) the first tape ever released by pwdre ser (Connor). Lo-fi noise from Ypsilanti, MI and Madison, WI.

Side A is Cephla Squads Intergalactic Gospel-Project Ass (2007). The feeling you get from feeling hip hop, played with live keyboard drums and harmonium. Side B is s/t-Project Balls, jazzy stuff from Nick Ringe.

Traks (Connor) 2008 tape release from Ypsilanti, MI. Hip hip with hardware drums now, electro acoustic and robot samples.


ouscaphil said...

yo thank you for this. I packed it up in a box and it is in someone's garage in michigan. glad I can still have this with me. (can you get me the other onnneeeessss?)



ouscaphil said...

sorry, didn't realize they was all there already. should look harder nxt time.

K. McCarty said...

you're right, I just put up the other link yesterday. . . . i'm gonna put boomer toomer up soon too.