Monday, August 3, 2009

Missouri Earthquake Society (M.E.S.) MIX No. 1-VA

Osko (Connor) from pwdre ser and I decided to make a mix tape every week. For this first tape he arranged the A Side and I did the B Side, but in the future we'll often have guests controlling the B Side. If you'd like to contribute at all by creating a mix let us know.

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Side A-pwdre ser
1/Damascus-The Hell Between With No Breath
2/African Tribal Music and Dance-Hymn of Praise (Music of the Malinke)
3/Brekokex Ko-ax Ko-ax-God in a Tin Can
4/Lord Infamous-Still Wit It

Side B-Morning Hunter
1/Appalachian Grove I-Laurie Spiegel
2/Ribs Out-Fuck Buttons
3/Synthesizers (The Story so Far)-Naughtiest Girl was a Monitor
4/Lommis-Novy Svet
5/Blood & Flesh-White Hospital


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