Morning Hunter

Monday, August 24, 2009

Peaking Lights-Imaginary Falcons (2009)

February 2009 tape release from now Madison, WI based Peaking Lights. If you're ever in Madison check out their thrift store the Good Style Shop on E. Washington near the capitol. They have shows there and a good selection of tapes and vinyl. 


Friday, August 21, 2009

M.E.S. Mix No. 4 Adam Bowsman (Abyss) Guest B Side

This week our guest on the B Side is Adam (Abyss) and Connor and I are sharing the A Side.

Side A
Osko and Morning Hunter

1/Uaravayra-Lunar Abyss Deus Organum
3/Apple Trees-Faun Fables 
4/Paragon Point - Tim Hecker

Side B

Friday, August 14, 2009

Missouri Earthquake Society (M.E.S.) MIX No. 3-VA

This week we don't have a guest so its back to Connor on the A Side and me on the B Side. We decided to alternate every week with a guest from now on. Cover art by Connor.

Side A-Osko
1/Eric Copeland-Wash Up
2/The Velvet Underground-The Black Angle's Death Song
3/Project Ass-/\/\/\
4/Eric Copeland-Oreo
6/Two Gospel Keys-I Don't Feel at World In this Home Anymore

Side B-Morning Hunter
2/Ordinary Lives-Wet Hair
3/Cindy Electronium-Raymond Scott
4/Wrong Idea-Steve Hauschildt
5/The Rain-Missy Elliott


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wet Hair-The Beach (2008)

Iowa City warm lo-fi noise. Best thing I've heard in awhile=DOWNLOAD IT

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Missouri Earthquake Society (M.E.S.) MIX No. 2-VA

This week on Side B we have a guest mix by Raj Mahal.

Osko + Morning Hunter
1/James Fella-Benny
2/Peaking Lights-Silver Tongues Soft Whisper
3/Group Bombino (Guitars from Agadez)-Tenere
4/Delia Derbyshire-Blue Veils and Golden Sands
5/Unkown-Birds Are Singing But My Lover Won't Return

Raj Mahal-West Detroit Mix
5/Joy Rd.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Project Ass (& Balls)-(2005-2007) & Traks (2008)

First tape release from Project Ass. Side A is On the Wings of a Craw Daddy (2006) and Side B s/t Project Ass (2005) the first tape ever released by pwdre ser (Connor). Lo-fi noise from Ypsilanti, MI and Madison, WI.

Side A is Cephla Squads Intergalactic Gospel-Project Ass (2007). The feeling you get from feeling hip hop, played with live keyboard drums and harmonium. Side B is s/t-Project Balls, jazzy stuff from Nick Ringe.

Traks (Connor) 2008 tape release from Ypsilanti, MI. Hip hip with hardware drums now, electro acoustic and robot samples.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Missouri Earthquake Society (M.E.S.) MIX No. 1-VA

Osko (Connor) from pwdre ser and I decided to make a mix tape every week. For this first tape he arranged the A Side and I did the B Side, but in the future we'll often have guests controlling the B Side. If you'd like to contribute at all by creating a mix let us know.

Contact Connor:

Contact Katie:

Side A-pwdre ser
1/Damascus-The Hell Between With No Breath
2/African Tribal Music and Dance-Hymn of Praise (Music of the Malinke)
3/Brekokex Ko-ax Ko-ax-God in a Tin Can
4/Lord Infamous-Still Wit It

Side B-Morning Hunter
1/Appalachian Grove I-Laurie Spiegel
2/Ribs Out-Fuck Buttons
3/Synthesizers (The Story so Far)-Naughtiest Girl was a Monitor
4/Lommis-Novy Svet
5/Blood & Flesh-White Hospital