Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Imaginary Softwoods-s/t Reissue (2008) & Outer Space-Gemini Half (2009)

Imaginary Softwoods (John Elliott/Lilypad) 2008 cd-r reissue of the Imaginary Softwoods 3xcs w/alternate tracks, remixed with crazy rack gear.  -

Sorry I took this down for a few days. I finally converted the .aif files to .mp3 and now all 3 tapes and bonus tracks are consolidated into one file.

Cosmic synth release and the most realized Outer Space recording yet. Sequences and space sounds, beyond infinity. -


Emeralds-Solar Bridge (2008) & Steve Hauschildt-Critique of the Beautiful (2009)


Emeralds is John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt and Mark McGuire. They are currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. Their music is of an improvisational nature and is synthesizer and guitar-centric, however vocals, electronics and field recordings are often utilized to create dynamic textures amidst melodious backdrops and minimal structures.

Solar Bridge released by Hanson Records (Aaron Dilloway’s experimental/noise label in Oberlin, OH/Ann Arbor, MI).


Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt's solo album off his label Gneiss Things (Cleveland, OH). Straightforwardly beautiful keyboard set, haunting, melancholy melodies with rolling fuzz and choirs of heavenly synth. Full-colour sleeve art by Steve.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Giuseppe Ielasi-s/t (2006)

The new untitled album by Giuseppe Ielasi lives in a land of lights and shades. The mist lies thick but close to the ground it’s glowing and sparking. Reflections shoot wildly in ambiguous patterns. The log-cutters are working with their loved and hated timber. This is GIs most complex work to date, both in regard to instrumentation and compositional form. A well-prepared decoction of dark cinema, wanderlust and experimental sound manipulating techniques.


Andrew Chalk & Christoph Heeman (Mirror)-The Mirror of the Sea (2000)

Ambient, colored double LP, limited edition, rare. Released under Andrew Chalk & Christoph Heeman=Mirror.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Faun Fables-Early Song (1999)

The eclectic avant-folk and performance artist Dawn McCarthy brings her wide-ranging vocal and instrumental talents to this collection of dark, richly imaginative songs, aided by the multi-instrumentalist Nils Frykdahl. McCarthy’s vocals are eerie, Appalachian-tinged confessionals marked by spellbinding honesty. 


Lunar Abyss Deus Organum-Snovidenie (2006)

First full-length CD album from the new incarnation of the long-active St Petersburg project known as Lunar Abyss Quartet. The material presented here is in the vein of the Brusnika 7" released on Drone Records and the Sleeping in the Sleep mini-album, with a similarly haunting and ethereal atmosphere. Ritual percussion, traditional Russian folk instruments and field recordings come together to form these incantations for forest spirits over a background of hazy drones and discreet electronics. Limited edition of 323 hand-numbered copies with hand-made sleeves.